Ripped Cut Xtreme

Special lipotropic, diuretic, satiating formula that combines the best ingredients for fat and energy loss

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Ripped Cut Xtreme it is a special lipotropic, diuretic, satiating formula that combines the best ingredients for fat and energy loss.






Bioperine: Black pepper extract (Piper nigrum) significantly improves (up to 60%) the absorption of nutrients. Bioperine is an extremely pure and safe form of piperine, the main alkaloid of black pepper.

Lose fat and increase calorie intake

Another interesting point is the increase in the activity of a type of tissue, brown fat, and as a consequence, the metabolic rate.

The human body has two types of fat, one is called brown, due to the color that gives it the high concentration of iron it has. This is responsible for helping regulate body temperature.

The difference between brown and "white" fat is that the first one has a greater arrangement of capillaries, and therefore, is induced to a higher oxygen consumption; White fat is the result of storing excess calories; Meanwhile, brown fat will generate heat by burning calories.

Ursolic acid can convert white fat tissue to brown, probably due to the increase in irisin, so it is advisable to supplement it with iron-rich foods.

Treatments of diseases related to muscular atrophy

Ursolic acid has been recognized as a potential therapy to treat muscle atrophy, due to diseases or aging, and stimulation of hypertrophy.

One study proved this by the reaction of ursolic acid in skeletal muscle 8 (which is linked to muscular atrophy) due to the increase in insulin factor

The decrease in ceramides and collagen is a factor directly linked to the permeability of the hydrolipidic barrier, which is summarized in dry skin. Likewise, collagen reduction can result in loss of skin firmness.

Therefore, we can determine that ursolic acid can be useful for cases of purely topical use extending to cases of dermatitis and others.

In the same way, it works together with the growth hormone to achieve high body development, focusing mainly on the nervous system and the development of neurons, although the latter occurs only during pregnancy. The brain and reproductive organs could be affected if there are low levels of the chemical, a situation that worsens with short stature.

Coleus Forskohlii

It has the ability to reduce fat, many do support this ability, but others do not. As it is believed that CAMP stimulates a hormone called sensitive lipase (LIPE) and is activated as soon as it is necessary to mobilize stores, burning free fatty acids in the fatty tissue.

Benefits of Ripped Cut Xtreme

The Ripped Cut Xtreme is mainly used in fat burners and products

Weight loss, which means that its benefits include:

- Decrease in body weight.

- Reduction of body fat levels.

- Improved lipolysis.

- Reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation.

- Histamine release inhibitor and therefore less exacerbated immune system response.

- Bronchodilator effect.

- Antioxidant

- Activator of thyroid function, increasing the production and release of thyroid hormone.

- Stimulation of digestive functions.

- It affects cyclic adenosine monophosphate (CAMP), which activates many enzymes involved in cell function and consequently activation and granulation of platelets, increased insulin secretion, and relaxation of blood vessels.

Reference: 8436558903623


Specific References

Riped Cut

Anhydrous Caffeine, Gelatin*, Mantle Cloak Extract (as Alchemilla vulgaris) Leaf, Wild Olive Extract (as Olea europaea) Leaf, Cumin Extract (as Cuminumcyminum) seed, Stabilizer (E-551) , Wild Mint Extract (as Mentha longifolia) Leaf, Acerola Concentrate (as Malpighia glabra) Fruit, Goji Berry Extract (such as Lyciumbarbarum) Fruit, Cranberry Extract (such as Vacciniumcorymbosum) Fruit, Pomegranate Extract (as Punica granatum) Fruit and Seed, Dandelion - taraxacum cambogia; HCAfruit peel 60%(50mg), Choline, BlackberryExtract (asVacciniummytillus) 78,5 Fruit, Blueberry Extract (as Vacciniumcorymbosum) Fruit, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Inositol, Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Tricalcium phosphate, Colorant* (E-171), BioperineTM (absorption agent, Piper nigrumL. 95%piperine), Vitamin B6HCl (82.4%pyridoxine).

*Capsule components.

Take 2 capsules a day, one at breakfast and one before lunch.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children. Store tightly closed and in a cool, dry place. Keep away from light and heat. E102 can have negative effects on the activity and attention of children.

Allergens: May contain traces of gluten, soy, lactose, nuts and eggs.

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